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Reciprocity fee for Australian and Canadian and Citizens

IMPORTANT: The reciprocity fee charged to United States citizens travelling to the Argentine Republic for tourism or business purposes has been suspended until further notice.

 In order to enter Argentina for tourism or business, ordinary passport holders from of Canada or Australia must pay a "Reciprocity Fee".

The payment of this fee is not a visa, but the equal amount to what Argentine citizens must pay when requesting a visa to enter those countries


Australian • Tourism
• Business
USD 100 Multiple entries 1 year
Canadian • Tourism CAD$ 100 Multiple entries 10 years or up to one month before passport expiration date, what happens first

Period of stay in all cases: 90 days.
*Other categories must obtain a visa.

The Reciprocity Fee must be paid “online” PRIOR to traveling to the country. Transport companies will not let you board without a printed copy of the Reciprocity Fee receipt. Afterwards, you must show the Reciprocity Fee receipt at Immigration Control upon entering the country. The receipt will be scanned by the immigration control officers, who will verify the data and authorize entry to Argentina.

To pay the reciprocity fee, please click on the following link:

1. Register and obtain an access code (user & password).
2. Complete the form including personal and credit card information.
3. After payment is processed, print the receipt. This receipt must be presented every time you travel to Argentina

A copy of the receipt is also automatically sent to your e-mail account. In case you do not find it in the Inbox, please check the Spam as well. Save this file in digital format or print more than one copy of the receipt, for backup.


Can I pay the Reciprocity Fee upon arrival in Argentina?
No, you must make the payment online before traveling to Argentina.

What happens if I have the Reciprocity Fee stamped in my expired passport?
As long as the Reciprocity Fee is valid and you have the expired passport with the sticker on it, you can show it at the Immigration Control as proof of payment.
Please make sure the Reciprocity Fee Stamp is not the entry stamp into Argentina.

Is the Reciprocity Fee refundable?
The reciprocity fee is not refundable.
The only exceptions to this rule are payments made by travellers that were born in Argentina and paid the fee by mistake, and payments made twice by the same person.

How do I request a refund of the Reciprocity Fee I paid?
To request a refund or enter a claim, please follow this link:
You can also call +54-11-5080-3030 Monday - Friday from 8 am to 8 pm (Argentine time), or send an e-mail to

Do I need to get a Reciprocity Fee for my kids?
Canadian and Australian citizens have to pay the Reciprocity Fee regardless of age.

Can the Reciprocity Fee receipt be presented in electronic form – iPad, iPhone, etc?
No, the Reciprocity Fee receipt must be printed.

I made a mistake on my personal information when I paid the fee. Can I correct the data?
The only data that cannot be changed is the nationality. If you informed a wrong nationality when you filled in the form, you will have to pay again and request the refund for the payment made with the wrong information. Any other information (name, passport number, date of birth, etc.) can be changed by the immigration agent upon arrival to Argentina.

I will be in Argentina just for a few hours, as I am in transit to another destination. Do I still have to pay the fee?
- If you are arriving in Argentina by plane/cruise, staying less than 12 hours, and will not leave the airport/port, you DO NOT have to pay the fee.
- If you are staying longer than 12 hours, you DO have to pay the fee.
- If you are staying fewer than 12 hours but you are leaving the airport/port, or you are travelling by ground transportation you DO have to pay the fee.

I was born in Argentina, or I am naturalized argentine citizen, or a permanent resident of Argentina, do I still have to pay the reciprocity fee?
• If you were born in Argentina, your Canadian or Australian  passport mentions Argentina as your place of birth in the data page. Therefore, you do not need to pay the fee.
• If you are a naturalized argentine citizen, or a permanent resident and you hold a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) you do not have to pay the fee.
• If you are a naturalized argentine citizen, or a permanent resident but you do not have a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) to be shown to the Migrations Agent upon arrival, you do have to pay the fee.

The website is not working, what should I do?
The website might be under maintenance. Please try again in 30 minutes.




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